Novi Public Library

Novi, Michigan

55,000 sq. feet, completed in 2010

Services Provided: Program Review and Development | Functional Planning |
Floor Plan Layouts
| Interior Design | Procurement of all Furnishings and Shelving

For the new, two-story Novi Public Library building, LDA managed the entire furniture, fixture and equipment budget, working with the architect and the library administration. Interior design services were provided to compliment the building finishes established by the design architect.

An efficient feature of the building is a state-of-the-art automated circulation and book handling system, which operates using RFID technology. The system links the circulation desk and drive-up window with the sorting room where returned materials are placed in bins by classification without any staff handling. The equipment also provides book theft detection security and self-check procedures in a fully integrated system designed to automate routine clerical tasks and save valuable staff time.

The entry level contains popular adult print and audiovisual collections and youth services, as well as technical services and public meeting rooms. The upper floor is devoted to adult and young adult collections, public computers, reference and group studies, as well as local history and administrative offices. An architectural feature on each floor is an enclosed round space serving as both a reading lounge with a fireplace on the main floor and as a silent study room on the upper floor.